PowerShell-Install Certificate Authority (CA)

Please refer to the following PowerShell Script to install and configure Microsoft Internal Root CA for my lab

#Install Microsoft CA, including the Management Tools 
Install-WindowsFeature AD-Certificate -IncludeManagementTools 

#Configure the Root CA 
Install-AdcsCertificationAuthority -CACommonName "Aventis Root CA" -CAType EnterpriseRootCa `
    -HashAlgorithmName SHA256 -KeyLength 2048 -ValidityPeriod Years -ValidityPeriodUnits 10 

#Install Certificate Authority Web Enrollment 
Install-WindowsFeature ADCS-Web-Enrollment

#Configure Certificate Authority Web Enrollment 

#Addtional IIS Web Role will be installed during Certificate Authority Web Enrollment
#But IIS Management Console was not installed, and we need to install it manually 
Install-WindowsFeature Web-Mgmt-Console

#Check all WindowsFeatures Installed 
Get-WindowsFeature | ? Installed 

Navigate to to Request a Certificate  CA-01

Reference Link
1. Install-AdcsWebEnrollment

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