Fresh Installation of FalconStor CDPVA

Please refer to the steps below on how to perform Fresh Installation of FalconStor CDPVA in my lab

  1. Download the CDPVA 8.0 Image from FalconStor Customer Support Portal – Valid Support Agreement is required
  2. Import the OVF to vSphere 6.5 Standard Alone Host
  3. It will consume 2 x vCPU, 4GB RAM, 20GB Disk Space and 2 x vNIC when first power on
  4. Login to the CDPVA console with default Username = root Password = IPStor101


Configure TIME Zone, Network Configuration (Static IP for eth0 will do) and other settings

  1. Install FalconStor Management Console and connect to the IP Address assigned to FalconStor CDPVA. Enter the 30 Days Evaluation License Key. Skip the Step 2 & 3 as we already configured it in Console


Update the CDPVA to latest patch by following

Login via SSH, stopped the IPSTOR services and shutdown the CDPVA as we will need to add addtional Disk for Data Protection

ipstor stop all

FalconStor IPStor Server  version 8.00 (Build 8314)

All virtual devices are going to be detached.
We recommend stopping all IPStor client services prior to shutdown.
Otherwise, data loss may occur.
Are you sure you want to continue? (y/n) [n]: y
Continue with detaching all virtual devices
Stopping IPStor Self-Monitoring Module                     [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor Logger Module                              [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor CLI Proxy Module                           [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor Communication Module                       [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor Central Client Manager Module              [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor Upcall Module                              [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor IO Core Module                             [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor Base Module                                [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor Block Device Module                        [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor Authentication Module                      [  OK  ]
Stopping IPStor SNMPD Module                               [  OK  ]

shutdown -halt now

Add an additonal 50GB HDD (Thin Provisioning) to CDPVA and it should be detected automatically in FalconStor Management Console


Click on Prepare Disk –> Reserved for Virtual Device

Create a new Storage Pool


Enable ISCSI Option


Please following my next post on How to protect Windwos 2012R2 Server with FalconStor DiskSafe Agent

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