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Data Restoration From Falconstor CDP

Steps to perform Data Restoration from Falconstor CDP

Refer to Protect Windows Server with DiskSafe Agent to install DiskSafe Agent prior continue the following steps

Snapshot Agent for File System

Download and install SnapshotAgent-FileSystem-Windows-5.50-804.exe to ensure that consistent snapshots is created

Data Restoration from Falconstor CDP

How to create snapshot manually with DiskSafe

  1. Right click on the Disk and select Advanced-Take Snapshot

Data Restoration from Falconstor CDP

Timemark is created in CDPVA

Data Restoration from Falconstor CDP

  1. Select restore from File

  1. Select the Snapshot copy that you want to restore

  1. Click finish to mount the snapshot to Windows

Timemark is created in CDPVA

  1. Restore folders & files from snapshot (F Drive) back to original location (E Drive)

  1. Dismount the snapshot once data had been restored successfully

Data Restoration from Falconstor CDP Snapshot

  1. Select Disk or Partition to restore for Data Partition only

  1. Select the snapthost that you would like to restore

  1. Restore snapshot to the original primary disk (E Drive)

  1. Select Restore all data adn click Next to continue

  1. Click Finish to start the restoration

It will take some time to complete depend on the data size.

verify that all data are restored to E Drive successfully

Full System Recovery via ISCSI Connection

Steps to recover the entire system when the system failed to boot

Setup the Recovery CD Password in Disksafe Agent on the protected server

  1. Download [System Recovery ISO-DSRecPE-3.70.501-Falcon-amd64_EN]((https://falconstorsoftware.force.com/customers/login)

  2. Boot up the system using the System Recovery ISO File

Click on Command Console to verify the Network Card is detected and able to establish connection with Falconstor CDPVA.

Click Recovery Wizard to start the restoration process

  1. Click Next to continue

  1. Enter the IP Address Falconstor CDPVA, Client Name and the Recovery Password. Click Connect to continue

Client Name is the username / hostname configured in the disksafe on the protected server

  1. Select the Source (Remote Disks) in Falconstor CDPVA and Destination (Local Disk).

Click on the Arrow Down button and Restore to start the restoration

  1. It will take sometime to complete the restoration

  1. Restored Server is up and running now

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