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Initial Setup for Aruba IAP with CLI

Steps to perform initial setup for Aruba IAP with CLI

Reset it to Factory Default

  • Power ON the AP while holding the reset button (Highlighted in RED) using paper clip for 5 Seconds
  • Copy the Serial No to login to Aruba IAP later

initial setup for Aruba IAP with CLI

Reset Factory Default using CLI

Erase the configuration file and reboot

# write erase all reboot

Initial Setup for Aruba IAP with CLI

You can connect to SetMeUp-XX:XX:XX (last 6 digits of MAC Address) and perform the initial setup using Web Browser or

initial setup for Aruba IAP with CLI

Check the IP Address of Aruba IAP from existing DHCP, and login with

  • Username = admin
  • Password = SERIAL_NO_OF_ARUBA

It will prompt to change the default password

ssh [email protected]
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
[email protected]'s password:
X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0
Input new mgmt password:
Input new mgmt password again:

Change Hostname

7c:57:3c:ca:af:98# hostname AP315

Go to Configuration Mode

AP315# conf t
#Change Host Name
AP315 (config) # name IAP
#Set NTP Server
AP315 (config) # ntp-server time.windows.com
#Time Zone
AP315 (config) # clock time Kuala-Lumpur 08 00
#Country Code for VC
AP315 (config) # virtual-controller-country MY
#IP Address for VC
AP315 (config) # virtual-controller-ip

Commit for configuration changes to take effect

AP315 (config) # end
AP315 # commit apply

New SSID Profile & Role for WIFI Access

Create a New SSID Profile with WPE3

#WIFI Profile
AP315 (config) # wlan ssid-profile WIFI
AP315 (SSID Profile "WIFI") # enable
AP315 (SSID Profile "WIFI") # type employee
AP315 (SSID Profile "WIFI") # essid WIFI
AP315 (SSID Profile "WIFI") # wpa-passphrase a1b2c3d45e
AP315 (SSID Profile "WIFI") # vlan 1
AP315 (SSID Profile "WIFI") # opmode wpa3-sae-aes
AP315 (SSID Profile "WIFI") # end

#Access Rule / Role
AP315 (config) # wlan access-rule WIFI
AP315 (Access Rule "WIFI") # rule any any match any any any permit
AP315 (Access Rule "WIFI") # end
AP315# commit apply

Connect to the new SSID=WIFI from Windows 10 laptop, and verify the client is connected successfully in Aruba AP.

AP315# show clients

Client List
Name       IP Address     MAC Address        OS       ESSID  Access Point  Channel  Type  Role   IPv6 Address              Signal    Speed (mbps)
----       ----------     -----------        --       -----  ------------  -------  ----  ----   ------------              ------    ------------
LAB-WIN10  dc:fb:48:65:9e:97  Windows  ARUBA  AP315         36E      AC    ARUBA  fe80::21f5:f72f:bb0:d6ed  21(good)  13(poor)
Number of Clients   :1
Info timestamp      :1055

Reference Link

Aruba Instant 8.6.0.x User Guide

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