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Join Windows 10 to AD Domain with ForensiT Profwiz

Steps to join Windows 10 to AD Domain with ForensiT Profwiz by maintaining existing user’s profile

  1. Verify the DNS Server is pointing to & 226 (IP Address of AD Domain Controllers) on Windows 10 Machine with "ipconfig /all"

  1. Download and run ForensiT Profwiz Peronal Edition (Free Edition).

Select the existing User’s Profile that will be migrated / copied to Domain User

  1. Enter the AD Domain and Domain User.

Existing user’s profile will be migrated to the Domain users entered below

  1. Enter Credential for Domain Administrator

  1. It will only take few seconds to complete as ForensiT Profwiz will only reconfigure the ACL for User’s Profile instead of copying all the contents to new location

  1. Reboot and login with the Domain User account to verify the settings of Desktop, My Document and others settings should be remained unchanged
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