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How to Setup Tenable Core + Nessus on VMware ESXi

Refer to the tutorial below on how to Setup Tenable Core + Nessus on VMware ESXi to replace our Nessus Professional which is running on Windows 10 machines.

Tenable Core + Nessus is a secure & stable platform build on CentOS 7 which is hardened based on CIS Benchmarks with SELinux Enabled

Setup Tenable Core + Nessus on VMware ESXi 6.7

Download Tenable Core OVA Package(Around 1.13GB) and deploy it to ESXi host by following Import OVF with PowerCLI to ESXi 6.7 Host

Resources assigned to Tenable Core VA

Setup Tenable Core + Nessus on VMware ESXi

Tenable Core + Nessus is tested running fine with only 2 x vCPU with 4GB RAM

Power On the Tenable Core and continue the initial setup with URL provided

DHCP Server is required to assigned IP to Tenable Core during first time setup

Default username & password are wizard and admin

Create a new Administrator account

Password can not be shorten than 14 characters


Click on System Time to change the timezone


Click on Host Name to change hostname

Static IP Address

Click on Networking and Select ens160

Configure Static IP, Gateway and DNS Servers

Click Change the settings and Tenable Core will be rebooted by itself

Nessus Professional Scanner

Login to https://new-ip-address:8000 with new IP Address, and click on URLs to access to Nessus Interface

Select Nessus Professional

Enter the Activation Code

Create a new User Account

You can start to perform Vulnerability scanning with Nessus Professional once the latest plugins had been download successfully

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