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Useful Commands

Some of the commonly used CLI to manage PA-VM

Create New User

#Create a new User 
admin@PA-VM> configure
admin@PA-VM# set mgt-config users paadmin password
  Enter password   :
  Confirm password :

#Super Admin Right 
set mgt-config users paadmin permissions role-based superuser yes

#Commit changes

Change Default Admin Password

#Change Default Admin Password 
set mgt-config users admin password

Show Configuration

Show the configuration "set" format instead of "xml" format

> set cli config-output-format set
> configure
# show

Timezone, NTP and Hostname

set deviceconfig system timezone Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
set deviceconfig system ntp-servers primary-ntp-server ntp-server-address time.windows.com

set deviceconfig system hostname pa50
set deviceconfig system domain aventislab.com
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