VMware-Upgrading VCSA 5.5 with localhost.localdom hostname to VCSA 6.x

One of the common issues that we are facing during the upgrading of VMware VCSA 5.5 to 6.x was the existing hostname was NOT properly configured in existing VCSA 5.5, most of it are using the default localhost.localdom

We have to change the hostname to DNS resolvable FQDN prior performing the upgrade , else we will encouter the error message below during the upgrading

Here is the steps how we change the hostname in VCSA 5.5

  1. Login to https://VCSA55-IP-ADDRESS:5480 and change the hostname

You might need to manually add the A Record in your DNS Server, and make sure that the new FQDN is resolvable via DNS Server

  1. Change the Certificate Regeneration Enabled to YES to regenerate a new SSL Certificate based on the new Hostname

  1. Reboot the VCSA 5.5 Appliance
  2. Login to https://VCSA55-IP-ADDRESS:5480 to verify the new hostname is configured and remember to change the Certificate Regeneration Enabled back to NO

Upgrading VCSA 5.5 to 6.x

  1. Download the VCSA 6.0 ISO file from VMware and mount it on your workstation
  2. Make sure that you can ping the FQDN of the VCSA 5.5 from the workstation you used to perform the upgrade
  3. Install the Client Integration Plugin from D:\VCSA\VMware-ClientIntegrationPlugin-6.0.0-4911605.exe

  1. Enter the IP Address of vSphere Host where you would like to deploy the new VCSA 6.0

  1. Enter the name for the new VCSA 6.0 and enable SSH

  1. Enter all the information

  1. Select the Datastore and enable thin mode

  1. Enter the Temporary IP Address for VCSA 6.0

  1. VCSA 5.5 had been upgraded to VCSA 6.0 successfully

You can login to the new VCSA 6.0 via it original FQDN / IP Address and verify all the vSphere hosts are still connected.

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