Install Nimble Connection Manager (NCM) in ESXi 6.5 Host

Please refer to the step below on how to install Nimble Connection Manager (NCM) in ESXi 6.5 Host

  1. Download NImble Connection Manager 5.1.0 for ESXi 6.5 from Infosignt
  2. There is two (2) components in the downloaded NCM zip file
    • Nimble Connection Services (NCS) – NCM manages connections from an ESXi host to HPE Nimble array volumes. Instead of having to advertise all iSCSI network interfaces at the time of discovery, NCM requires only one IP address (iSCSI
      discovery IP address) to be advertised. This reduces complexity when configuring multiple connections and multipath I/O (MPIO). Because connections are made to the same address (group target portal), the connections are redirected to the appropriate iSCSI network interfaces. (For ISCSI Only)
    • Nimble Path Selection Plugin (PSP) – PSP for VMware Pluggable Storage Architecture automatically directs the I/O request for the Nimble to the most favourable route. (For both ISCSI & FC)

SSH to ESXi 6.5 Stand Alone Host and install NCM with

esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/
    Installation Result
       Message: The update completed successfully, but the system needs to be rebooted for the changes to be effective.
       Reboot Required: true
       VIBs Installed: Nimble_bootbank_nimble-ncs_5.1.0-650006, Nimble_bootbank_nimble-psp_5.1.0-650006
       VIBs Removed:
       VIBs Skipped:

Restart the ESXi 6.5 host and verify the Nimble NCM had been installed succcessfully

esxcli software vib list | grep nimble
nimble-ncs                     5.1.0-650006                        Nimble           VMwareAccepted    2018-08-10
nimble-psp                     5.1.0-650006                        Nimble           VMwareAccepted    2018-08-10

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