Email & File Encryption with Gpg4win

Gpg4win (FREE) can provide Email Encryption for Microsoft Outlook 2016 and File Encryption on Windows 10 Machine.

Please have a look on the steps below on the functionality of Email & File Encryption in detail

Installation of Gpg4win on Windows 10 Machine

  1. Download Gpg4Win
  2. Installation of gpg4win.exe

  1. Select the default
  • GnuPG – The heart of Gpg4win – the actual encryption software
  • Kleopatra – The central certificate administration of Gpg4win, which ensures uniform user navigation for all cryptographic operation
  • GpgOL – Outlook extension for Microsoft Outlook, which is used to sign and encrypt messages
  • GpgEX – Windows Explorer extension to sign and encrypt files using the context menu

  1. Install in the Default Location C:\Program Files(x386)\Gpg4win

  1. Run Kleopatra to create a default Certificate

  1. Create a New OpenPGP Key Pair

  1. Enter a valid Email Address

  1. Verify the Parameters and click Create

  1. Enter a secure Password

  1. Click Make a Backup of You Key Pair and store it in a secure location

  1. Key Pair for [email protected] had been created successfully

Export Public Key

  1. Highlight the ID and click Export

  1. Save the Exported Public Key as OpenPGP-PublicKey-UAT2 on Desktop

  1. Send the public key to UAT1 via Email

Import the Public Key

  1. Import the Public Key from UAT2 in UAT1’s Machine

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016, and Click on Secure – Sign to encrypt it with the public key from UAT2

  1. Enter the Secure Password for the Private Key from UAT1

  1. UAT2 will received the encrypted Email from UAT1, and able to view it with the Private Key installed on UAT2 Machine

Encrypt File with GpgEX

  1. Right Click on the File and select Sign and Encrypt

  1. Select Encrypt for Others and select UAT2

  1. Send the Encrypted File to UAT2 via Email

  1. Save the file in Desktop. Right click on the encrypted file and select Decrypt and Verify

  1. Enter the Secure Password for the Private Key from UAT2

  1. Click Save All to decrypt the file to desktop

  1. Open the Decrypted File MyEncryptedDoc.txt with notepad

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