Migrate G Suite Drive to Office 365 with Mover

Tutorial on how to Migrate G Suite Drive to Office 365 with Mover which is a free cloud storage migration tool as part of Office 365 Subscription

You can refer to my previous post on Migrate G Suite Email to Office 365 using API if you would like to migrate G mail to Exchange Online

Install Mover in G Suite Domain

Login to Google Admin Console as Super Admin, and go to Apps – G Suite Marketplace Apps

Migrate G Suite Drive to Office 365

Click on Add App to Domain Install List

Migrate G Suite Drive to Office 365

Ensure that you are login with super admin and search for Mover and install it

Migrate G Suite Drive to Office 365

Click Domain Install

Migrate G Suite Drive to Office 365

Wait for Mover to be installed in G Suite Domain and click OK to grant Data Access when prompted

Verify Mover had been installed successfully in Apps – Domain Install G Suite Marketplace Apps

Source Connector (G Suite) in Mover

Login to Mover.io with Office 365 Global Admin and click Authorize New Connector in Step 1: Select Source

Select G Suite (Admin) and click Authorize

Enter a Display Name and click Authorize. Login with G Suite Super Admin when prompted to continue

Please wait for up to 24 hours for Mover to be installed properly in G Suite Domain if you encounter the error message below.

Source Connector (G Suite) is added successfully

Destination Connector (Office 365) in Mover

Click on Authorize New Connector in Step 2: Select Destination

Select Office 365 (OneDrive / SharePoint) and click on Authorize

Enter a Display Name and Click Authorize to continue. Login with Office 365 Global Admin when prompted

Destination Connector is created successfully and click Continue Migration Setup to start to configure the migration batch

Permission Map for users and groups

Click on Migration Actions – Edit Permission Map

Click Actions – Auto-Discover Users to detect the users & groups automatically

Edit the Permission Map manually or upload a CSV file to ensure that Source & Destination are matched correctly using Email Address

Auto Discover Users

Click on Migration Actions – Add to Migration and Select Automatically Discover and Add User

Verify that all users are discovered successfully

Pre-Scan of Google G Suite Drive

It is strongly recommended to contact Microsoft Support to perform Pre-Scan of G Suite Drive to verify the Directory Structure, Permissions and Ownership of data in G Suite Drive Source prior transferring to One Drive

  • Permission Map & User Migration List had been configured successfully
  • Double click on any of the User List to get the Migration ID

Migrate G Suite Drive to Office 365 – User’s Data

Provision User’s One Drive with the PowerShell below even the user hadn’t login to One Drive Previously

One Drive will only be bprovisioned when user login

#SharePoint Online
Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

Connect-SPOService -Url https://M365x510625-admin.sharepoint.com -credential $credential
Request-SPOPersonalSite -UserEmails [email protected] -Verbose

We are going to migrate TEST1’s G Drive which consist of the following files to One Drive

G Drive Data will be migrated to [email protected]/From G Suite Drive by default

Click on User Actions – Edit Destination to change the default location of One Drive to / (Root Directory) instead of /From G Suite Drive

Click Save Destination Path to change it to / (Root Directory)

Highlight the User and click Start Migrating 1 User to start migrating data from G Suite Drive to One Drive

Double Click on the User to have a look on the detail log file on which folders / files are migrated successfully

Review the log file to understand which folders / files are migrated successfully

Login to Office 365 with test1@unibytez and open the One Drive to verify all the data are migrated successfully

  • Users’ Permission are migrated successfully
  • Google Document, Spreadsheet and Slide are converted to Microsoft Format successfully
  • Shared Folders are listed in [email protected] Shared successfully

Migrate G Suite Drive to Office 365 – Google Shared Drive

Shared Drive is ONLY available in G Suite Business

Migrate a Shared Drive called Project M in [email protected] in Google Share Drives to SharePoint Online Team Site

Create a new Team Site in SharePoint Admin Center – Sites – Active Sites – Create a Site – Team Site

Enter a Name for the new Team Site with Owner and record down the URL – https://m365x510625.sharepoint.com/sites/FileShare

Add Site members and click Finish

Search for Project M and click on User Actions – Edit Destination

Change the destination path to m365x510625.sharepoint.com/sites/FileShare/Shared%20Documents and click Save Destination Path

Click on Start Migrating 1 User

Existing Permission are NOT migrated from Google Share Drive to SharePoint. You have to reconfigure the permission manually later.

All folders and files are migrated to SharePoint Online successfully without permission applied

Reference Link

  1. Mover.IO Guide

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