Simplify Reporting in Excel with vlookup

Please refer to the following tips on how do i simplify reporting in Excel with vlookup to keep track of users & mailboxes for our migration projects

I will maintain a Master Copy of the Excel Sheet with Users / Mailboxes need to be migrated as below

I will create a new file with password assign to users, and link the password back to the Master file

Ensure that there is a column with the same data in both sheet – Highlighted in RED BOX

Formula of vlookup
=VLOOKUP(lookup value, range containing the lookup value, the column number in the range containing the return value, optionally specify TRUE for approximate match or FALSE for an exact match).

The following formula will need to be enter in Password Column in Master List

  1. Lookup Value – Identity the Source Column
  2. Range Containing the lookup value – Identify the Destination Column (Must be in Colume 1) that you want to lookup the data from – Please use $ absolute value to prevent the changes when you copy & paste the formula.
  3. Return Value – Data in the destination column that you would like to display in the source column
  4. False – Data in Source Column & Destination Column with EXACT Match only

Final Result

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