Accessing GUI of Brocade SAN Switch without Broswer

Please refer to the steps below to easily accessing the GUI of Brocade SAN Switch without using Broswer

  1. Console to the Brocade SAN Switch with default username = admin & Password = password to configure the IP Address
        Warning: Default password not changed for 'root'. Please login as 'root' to change it.
        Please change passwords for switch default accounts now.
        Use Control-C to exit or press 'Enter' key to proceed.
        for user - admin
        Changing password for admin
        Enter old password:
        Password was not changed. Will prompt again at next login
        until password is changed.
        SW2:admin> ipaddrset
        DHCP [Off]:
        Ethernet IP Address []:
        Ethernet Subnetmask []:
        Gateway IP Address []:
  2. Install the latest JAVA version

  3. Add the IP Address of the SAN Switch to Exception Site List in JAVA

  4. Open Command Prompt and enter the following

    javaws ""

    Replace the IP Address with the Actual IP of the SAN Switch

  5. You can access the GUI Console without using any Broswer now

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