NimbleVSA Lab-Provisioning of Nimble VSA

Please refer to the following steps on how to provision Nimble VSA in my lab enviroment

  1. Download the Nimble Virtual Array (Around 1.7GB) – Hybrid Array OVA file from InfoSight – Partner Login is required

  2. Upload the OVF File to vCenter 6.7 with
    Import-VApp -Name NimOS5 -Datastore EVO -VMHost "" -Source $ovf -DiskStorageFormat Thin 
  3. Nimble VSA will be provided with 2 x vCPU, 4GB RAM, 8 x vNIC and 10.8GB Hard Disk Space initially – Please ensure that the 1st vNIC is connecting to the Network that have full Internet Access for the License registration later

  4. Power on the Nimble VSA and enter the 90 Days Evaluation License that you obtain from infoSight


  5. It will take sometime (around 5 minutes) to initialize the array, and follow the on screen instruction to reboot the VSA once it is completed

  6. login with default username = admin, Password = admin and press “q” to go to the console


  7. Enter the Array Name, Group Name and Management IP to complete the initial configuration and continue from GUI by login via Internet Broswer



Assign the Management IP, Data IP and Diagnostic IP for each controller (Controller B is not in used)


Enter your Domain Name & DNS Server

Enter NTP Server and configure with correct Time Zone

Enter a dummy SMTP Server if you do not have one

Setup completed successfully

Default Web Console of Nimble Storage

Please refer to the link below for the complete testing in my lab
1. Install Nimble Connection Manager (NCM) in ESXi 6.5 Host

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