How to Shrink Snapshot Resource in CDPVA

We receive a call from our client saying that Servers protected by FalconStor DiskSafe Agent stopped creating snapshot since last week and we noticed that the root cause of the issues was the FalconStor CDP is running of out of space. Please refer to the steps on How to Shrink Snapshot Resource in CDPVA


When the Storage Pool is having 0 available space, FalconStor CDPVA will stop all the activitity. You can always manually shrink the Snapshot Resource to return the free space to Storage Pool as below

  1. Click on any of the SAN Resource –> Snapshot Resource and compare Check the Total Size VS Used Size

  2. Click right –> Snapshot Resource –> Shrink –> Manual to

  3. Accept the default value or the Size you would like to reduce and press OK

  4. The total Size of SnapShot Resource is reduced

  5. Verify the Free Space of the Storage Pool again and it should have some free space now

  6. Click on Server –> Snapshot Resource Usage to view all the space consumed and shrink accordingly to return some free space

  7. Select the Production CDPVA

  8. Compare the Snapshot Resource Total size for each SAN Resource, and repeat step 2 to 4 to manually shrink it to reclaim some free space

We noticed that the space consumed by Snapshot Resource will NEVER retun to the storage pool even we had enabled the schedule Snapshot Resource and you can include the steps above to be your monthly Preventive Maintenance for FalconStor CDPVA to prevent it from running out of space again.

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