Install Nimble Storage Windows Toolkit on Windows 2016

Nimble Storage Windows Toolkit (NWT) installation package consists of the following components

  • VSS for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Hyper-V
  • iSCSI (Nimble Connection Service) and Fibre Channel connection management
  • Nimble Setup Manager (NSM) management – initial configuration wizard for Nimble Storage
  • PowerShell Module
  1. Download the Nimble Storage Windows Toolkit (NWT) 5.0 (Around 30MB) via


Ensure that the Nimble Storage is running on version 5.0 or above

  1. Install MPIO, change the ISCSI StartupType to Automatic and reboot the server
#Install Multipath
Add-WindowsFeature -Name Multipath-IO 

#Change ISCSI Services to Start Up Automatically 
Set-Service -name MSiSCSI -StartupType Automatic

#Reboot Computer
  1. Double Click Setup-NimbleNWT-x64. to start the installation


  1. Verify whether Critial Micorosft Hotfixes are installed


  1. Uncheck the Nimble Setup Manager


  1. The following ports will be opened in Windows Firewall (if enabled)


  1. The following registry keys are added to optimize the MPIO


  1. Reboot the server once the installation completed successfully


  1. You can now use Nimble Connection Manager to manage the ISCSI configuration instead of the default Microsoft ISCSI Configuration


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