NetScaler VPX for XenApp with CLI

Steps to provision Citrix NetScaler VPX for XenApp with CLI Information of VPX Information Description NS IP Subnet IP Virtual IP Version NS12.0 Build 57.19 – Platinum / Developer License SSL Cert Lets Encrypt Wild card – * vNIC Single Only Import the downloaded VPX (NS12.0 Build 57.19) to vSphere 6.7 Change … Read more

NetScaler 12.0 with SSL A+ and HTTP2 Support

Please refer to the steps below on how to enable XenApp/XenDesktop with NetScaler 12.0 with SSL A+ and HTTP2 support login to NetScaler via CLI and look for VPN vServer configured add vpn vserver **_XD_172.16.1.10_443** SSL 443 Replace the vServer with VPN vServer and harden it by following the link below You should … Read more

Import AD Root Certificate to OS X

When I’m using my MacBook Air to launch the Application published in XenApp, I encounter the following message and please refer to the following steps on how to import AD Root Certificate to OS X to resolve this issues Copy the Root.cer (My AD Root Certificate) on Desktop and double click to import it (ensure that … Read more

Citrix – Requirements of Firewall Ports

Please refer to the following lab prepared for Citrix XenDesktop 7.9 to understand further on the Requirements of Firewall Ports All Virtual Machines (VMs) are running on a Single VMware vSphere 6 Host PfSense Firewall with the following Segments / Interface configured WAN (10.1.1.x/24) – Accessing to Internet LAN – (192.168.1.x/24) – Active Directory Domain Controller … Read more

Import PFX Certificate to NetScaler VPX

Please refer to the step below on how to import PFX Certificate to NetScaler VPX Preparation of SSL Certificate Download LetEncrypt Root & Intermediate Certificate and save it as LetsEncryptRoot.cer & LetsEncryptIntermediate.cer Exported AventisLab.pfx from Windows Server Upload the SSL Certificate to NetScaler VPX to /nsconfig/ssl with SCP scp AventisLab.pfx nsroot@ scp LetsEncryptIntermediate.cernsroot@ scp LetsEncryptRoot.cer … Read more