Upgrade FalconStor CDPVA from 8.0 to 9.0

Please refer to the steps below on how to upgrade Falconstor CDPVA from 8.0 to 9.0 Verify the existing version of CDPVA [root@CDPVA etc]# cat redhat-release Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago) #!/bin/sh cdp=”″ username=”root” password=”IPStor101″ #Login to CDP iscon login -s $cdp -u $username -p $password Command: login executed successfully. #Get CDP … Read more

Configuration of FalconStor RecoveryTrac

Please refer to steps below on the Configuration of FalconStor RecoveryTrac Prepare a clean Windows 2012R2 Server with latest patches installed ** Cannot be Domain Controller or Workstation Ensure that ISCSI Services is started Get-Service | ? name -like “*iscsi*” | Start-Service Download and install IMA – IMA-SDM-3.01-833-Windows.exe (40MB) and register to FalconStor CDPVA at … Read more

Install DiskSafe Agent in CentOS7

Please refer to the steps below on how to install DiskSafe Agent in CentOS7 1. Prepare a Fresh Installation of CentOS7 with Basic Configuration 2. Transfer DiskSafe for Linux to CentOS 7 #Transfer the DiskSafe Agent to CentOS7 via SCP scp disksafe-4.22-2203-ima-3.01-830-linux.tgz root@ #Extract the DiskSafe Agent tar -xzvf /tmp/disksafe-4.22-2203-ima-3.01-830-linux.tgz #Install ISCSI & LSOF yum … Read more